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Training plans

For which race distances does My ASICS offer training plans?

My ASICS offers training plans for the following race distances:

Can I print my plan?

Yes, you can print your training plan in calendar view. Just use the Print button on the My Plan page.

Can I download my plan as a PDF?

Not yet. However, the training plan pages are optimised to print out in an easy-to-read format.

Can I export my training plan to Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook?

Yes, you can subscribe to a live iCalendar (.ics) feed of your training plan for use in Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar or other calendar applications.

Can I set or change the start date of my training plan?

Because of the way the plans are constructed, changing the start date amounts to changing the whole training plan. So the way to do this would be to start a new plan. It is not possible to set a start date in the past. However, we are working on a solution which will refine the way edited plans treat the runs you have already logged.

The training plan is too easy for me, what should I do?

Some runs in My ASICS are designed to be more challenging than others. If you feel the overall plan is too easy for you, we recommend you either recalculate your pace or edit your plan entirely with a more challenging goal time.

Do the training plans take my other sports activities into account?

Not really, the training plans are focused on running and they will remain so. However, we are considering the best way to account for other sports you might be participating in when creating the training plans.

Also, you can include your other sports in your logbook, so that you gain understanding of how your different activities influence each other. At the moment you can indicate whether you did stretching, resistance or cross training, and you can always add notes about other sports. We intend to refine this further in future updates of the service.

Logging & routes

How do I create a running route?

When you log your runs you can add your habitual running route(s) and save them to make future logging easier.

To create a route:

  • In the Log a Run screen, look for the Select a Route pulldown menu, and click the Add icon next to it. This opens the Add a Route screen.
  • Fill in your address, city or postcode to find your location on the map.
  • On the map, click on the starting point of your route (e.g. your home address).
  • If you run from A to B, all you need to do is add a finishing point to create your route.
  • If you run in a loop (e.g. from home and back there), click on the point furthest away from your starting point, and then click Retrace (if you run the same way back) or Loop (if you run a different way back).
  • You can refine your route by adding more points along the way. Turning on the Snap function will make your route follow roads, instead of straight lines.
  • The running distance of your route is updated on the left of your screen.
  • After you've created your route, give it a name and click Save.

To apply your route:

  • Back in the Log a Run screen, your saved route is now added to the Select a Route pulldown menu. When you log your runs, just select your route and your running distance is filled in automatically.

To delete a route:

  • Another way to access your routes is in the Route Maps tab of your Account Settings. Here you will see your saved routes. You can delete them or edit their names.

Can I edit a route?

No, it's not possible to edit a route once you've created it. You can edit your route names in your Account Settings (see above). But the route itself has to be created from scratch each time.

Can I share my route with others?

Not yet, but we may add this feature in the future.

Can I import my logbook from My ASICS 2?

Well, yes and no. If you still have old logbook data you can upload it to the current system. You can find the V2 Logbook Importer in your Account Settings, along with instructions. However, some information might be missing or stored as comments. We will spare you the technical details, but it proved very hard to make this backwards compatible, and in the end we decided we didn't want to continue to design for the past. Our apologies for the long wait.

Mobile & other devices

Is My ASICS available as an iPhone app?

Yes! You can get the free My ASICS iPhone app and start logging your runs on the go.

The app is the mobile companion to the online service. You can record precise data on your runs using GPS, like route, time, distance and average pace. This data is synced with your online running logbook. The app contains a handy electronic compass to help you find your way back home. Of course your training plan is also available through the app, so you can check your schedule, phases and upcoming runs.

Can I log my runs on the iPhone app without using GPS?

No, the iPhone app is designed to make logging your runs easier by recording data using GPS. We may add a manual logging feature in the future. For now, if you don't want to use GPS we suggest you access the website on your mobile browser to log your runs.

The iPhone app can't find my location, what do I do?

Make sure you have GPS (location services) turned on for both your phone and the app. To turn this on, go to Settings, and then Location Services.

Will My ASICS be available as an Android app?

Currently only an iPhone app is available, but we may consider an Android version in the future. In the meantime, the MyASICS website is fully compatible with all mobile browsers including Android, so you can access it right from your phone.

Can I use My ASICS with my Garmin, Suunto or other watch?

Not yet. We are planning on supporting data import from certain external devices in the future.

Other questions

What's next for My ASICS?

Thank you for asking! You can find monthly updates from our staff on this page.

Where do I find product-related information?

Please visit the global ASICS site and choose the ASICS website for your country. Then go to the online Product Catalogue, or use the Store Locator to find an ASICS dealer near you. They can answer all your questions and help you find the shoes or apparel you're looking for.

I have another question!

With any other questions or problems, please check the My ASICS Support. (Or click on the black Feedback button on the righthand side of your screen.) It works like a forum, so you can view questions and answers of other users. ASICS staff regularly answer questions there. Before you post, please check if your question hasn't already been addressed.